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Turn your dream into a reality with a business loan

bdl-dream-blog.jpgEver had a dream project that you wanted to finance, but were not sure if you could? Many business owners dream of taking their business into the future, but the ventures can sometimes seem ‘too big’ or ‘impossible’. It may be that you don’t have the capacity just yet, or you may not have the manpower needed to make it happen.

According to a 2017 survey commissioned by LDF, 25.3% of business owners felt that business finance has a ‘negative stigma’ attached to it. They felt the idea of taking finance sounds like you’re struggling to make ends meet or that your business is failing. This perception is causing smaller businesses to apply for funding less, and sometimes even not at all. This means that you could be missing out on opportunities to develop your business vision.

Whilst LDF are known for assisting with recurring business costs, such as self-assessment and Corporation Tax, we are also able to support a number of business ventures; no matter how unique or different they may be.

Wimbledon coffee retailer, Alchemy Coffee finally got the 75-year-old coffee roaster they’d always wanted without having to deal with the bureaucracy of the time-wasting they found with the banks. Alchemy’s Owner, Joe O’Hara, only had one thing to say about his experience using LDF; “When the bank doesn’t understand it, LDF does!” Short and sweet.

Adrenaline specialists Extreme Adventure increased their profits by financing new events, including the UK’s first mobile ninja assault course – without it impacting on their cash flow. “LDF are always keen to discuss the options available to us, and to find a solution for any purchases that we require to evolve our new projects – no matter how unusual!”, Extreme Adventure Director, Diana Caldwell told us.

The infographic below highlights some of the things that you may not have realised that we can help you to finance with an LDF business loan.

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Flip your dream into reality
Don’t lose out on that dream due to unnecessary funding issues. We’ve reduced the red tape in our application process, making it easier, faster and smarter for you to access the money you need to develop your business.

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