We bring money into your business, not bureaucracy.

Getting a traditional business loan can seem like a full-time job – on top of your full-time job.

But not if you come to LDF.
With no upfront fees and no upper limit to what you can borrow, we’ve eliminated red tape from
our own business, and we pass the benefits on to you.

The Shorter Loan

A loan that lets you spread costs over 3-12 months, smoothing cash flow and freeing up cash to spend in other areas of your business.

Our customers use the loan for things like Income Tax and VAT payments, annual insurance and Indemnity Insurance. But we’ll consider a broad range of purposes.

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1-5years.pngThe Longer Loan

A medium-term loan that helps you cover a wide range of costs over 12 months to 5 years.

Our customers use this option when they’re looking to develop their business – e.g by undertaking renovations and refurbishment, increasing their marketing activity or even acquiring a new business or buying out a partner. 

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Asset Finance

A variety of finance options for the equipment your business needs to thrive. Our customers have used equipment finance for everything from computers to bubble cannons.

We can help you choose between asset finance, a vehicle lease or an operating lease – just get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements.

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For more than 30 years, we have provided multi-purpose
loans and finance for small businesses