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    LDF Partner Programme

    partner - for equipment suppliers

    Partner with LDF and increase your selling power

    The LDF Partner Programme enables equipment suppliers to increase sales, improve cash flow and speed up the sales cycle by offering an asset finance solution to their customers. It reduces the need to discount, while encouraging more inbound leads by making the equipment more affordable for your customers

    By offering asset finance you gain more control of the deal by breaking down the solution cost into manageable payments for your customer.

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    How can we assist?


    We offer a range of flexible finance solutions to suit all clients and our ‘Rate for Risk’ approach, ensures we can say yes wherever possible:

    Hire Purchase

    Enables clients to acquire equipment with LDF purchasing the equipment on their behalf.

    Finance Lease

    Enables your client to effectively rent the asset from LDF for an agreed term.

    Commercial Loan

    May be used to fund large capital expenditures that may not otherwise have been afforded.



    We have created a vendor finance solution that is easy to implement, does not disrupt existing processes and is supported by a generous reward structure:

    Maintain & Grow Margin

    Avoid discounting with monthly payments; protecting margins.

    Increase Sales

    Overcome sale barriers such as budget or cash flow constraints.

    Improve your Cash Flow

    We work with you to shorten the sales cycle and improve cash flow.



    It’s our way of thanking you for choosing LDF as a finance provider and rewarding you and your staff for every deal we successfully work in partnership on:


    Engage, motivate and excite your salesforce to drive more sales.


    Additional revenue line for every accepted deal you introduce.


    For every £1,000 of finance referred you'll earn 20 points to redeem online for over 3,500 rewards from the world's leading brands.

    The LDF Partner App

    Quotes and Applications made easy...

    Increasing business with asset finance is made simple with the LDF Partner App. Our finance app allows you and your sales teams to easily structure equipment finance to meet your customer budgets, provide finance quotations, submit applications and receive email updates.

    The user-friendly app works on your sales team’s mobile devices, laptops and desktops.

    You can watch a full demonstration here or contact us for more information.

    You can trust us with your customers

    8 out of 10 of our customers would recommend us to their friends or family*

    99% positive feedback based on 576 reviews

    Feefo Gold Trusted Service 2017

    *Based on LDF's Net Promoter Score (NPS)  Jan - July 2016  

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