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Phebys Accountants


Key Facts

introducer: Phebys Accountants
Need: Finance for their clients
Solution: LDF introduce
Date: March 2016

“Many of my clients have struggled to obtain finance from the banks, LDF is the perfect alternative for them to manage their cash flow or invest in their growth.”

Scott Pheby, Managing Director, Phebys Chartered Accountants

The introducer

Scott Pheby is a man of many hats. His day to day job is running Phebys Chartered Accountant, a general practice of passionate accountants, based in Huntingdon. He also runs a side business, offering service such as legal, HR and property management to the retail, leisure and hospitality sectors. His most recent project has been the acquisition of several high street retail franchises.

What they needed

Having worked alongside LDF for 15 years, accessing financial support for his own businesses, Scott was no stranger to the high level of service we offer. He wanted to extend that to his own clients. This is where LDF introduce came in.

How we helped

The LDF introduce programme is designed to enrich client relationships. By referring his clients to LDF, Pheby’s would have exclusive access to support their businesses with an alternative source of finance when they have previously been turned down by more traditional means, i.e. the banks.

Make money work for your clients and join us on the flipside.


The result

By having the option to introduce LDF to his clients, Scott has been able to provide a source of finance that can assist them in two ways. As he works with many seasonal businesses, there are certain periods where they can find themselves stretched for cash. By injecting a short-term loan, popular for tax lending purposes, his clients have found they have been able to manage these reoccurring costs effectively.

In the longer term, Scott explained that many of his clients have been able to access finance for a variety of purposes, “Whether it be a new marketing campaign, or to invest in up to date equipment, LDF have been able to help finance that in the past – a lot of my clients appreciate having that outlet.”

“The introduce programme compliments our services perfectly. Rather than having to be the messenger of bad news, it gives me the option to say ‘don’t worry if you don’t have the funding for this immediately, here’s an alternative payment option, so that you can.’ This is an especially perfect add on when working with clients on their tax bills.”

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