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    Technology Leasing Solution

    Partner Programme - Technology Leasing Solution

    Don't let your finance partner tie up your deals

    Switch to LDF and start closing faster

    Working with a finance partner can be frustrating. Bureaucratic processes and low acceptance rates means switching your clients to direct debit; tying up your cash flow and increasing your risk.

    LDF's Technology Leasing Solution (TLS) is a highly competitive, flexible and familiar fixed term finance lease solution that removes bureaucracy and gives you increased sales and customer retention.

    We've eliminated red tape from our own business, and we pass the benefits on to you. That's why LDF brings money into your business, not bureaucracy.

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    TLS Features

    For your Customers

    • 98% credit acceptance rates*
    • Credit approvals within less than 4 hours*
    • Volume driven finance rates
    • Low arrangement fees
    • Covers up to 50% intangibles within invoices
    • Monthly or quarterly repayments
    • Finance upgrades covered including 3rd party
    • Low end of lease fees
    • Accommodates new start to established businesses

    For You

    • Flexible business commissions and volume bonuses
    • Self Service documentation or LDF option
    • Online deal proposal system (PIVOT) for easy proposal and management
    • Payment via Faster Payments
    • Dedicated account manager and support team
    • Monthly partnership reporting
    • Minimal customer details needed for proposals*
    • Joint branded documentation*
    • Adobe eSign, manual or carbon documents available
    • Accommodates 100% payment on invoice requirements*

    **Pre-payment terms and branded documentation availability is subject to each partner and programme. For incorporated businesses only the registered company name and transaction details are required, for non-incorporated businesses such as sole traders and partnerships significant business owner information is required on proposal. LDF may require further customer information as necessary and credit acceptance rates and approval times are valid at the time of publication and may vary from time to time.

    How does TLS work?

    How much you want to be involved in the finance process is up to you. You can choose to raise and complete finance documentation with the customer leaving LDF to solely make your invoice payment. Alternatively, your LDF account manager can work with your customers and complete the finance documentation on your behalf.

    Our document capabilities allow for customers to sign finance agreements on site with your sales representatives using carbon copy documentation, by hardcopy return via post or even on their phones and desktops through our Adobe eSign.


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    PIVOT System Screenshots

    PIVOT - Proposals made easy

    The easy-to-use online system allows you to create new proposals and view all current active proposals, helping you to access the right information, as and when you need it.

    Access to the Pivot Portal helps speed up the application process, allowing your sales teams to concentrate on selling, rather than tireless administration.

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    Become an Introducer Appointed Representative

    LDF can help you provide spread payment options to Sole Traders and Partnership. As a principal lender fully authorised and regulated by the FCA, we are in a position where we can become responsible for the regulatory requirements of specific and chosen partners allowing them to operate as an Introducer Appointed Representative (IAR).

    Becoming an introducer appointed representative is an acceptable interim arrangement and can be a permanent arrangement.

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    Maximise your Sole Trader and Partnership Opportunities

    Since the Financial Conduct Authority has taken over the regulatory responsibility of the consumer credit market, regulation has become much more complex for equipment resellers in the UK. Today it is not as simple as just obtaining a Consumer Credit Licence and offering finance to consumers and businesses, there’s a new whole
    layer of responsibility that needs careful attention and significant financial investment.