Don't let your finance partner tie up your deals

Switch to LDF and start closing deals faster

For your Customers For you
  • 98% credit acceptance rates*
  • Credit approvals within less than 2 hours*
  • Programme driven finance rates
  • Low customer arrangement fees
  • Covers up to 50% intangibles within invoices
  • Monthly or quarterly repayments
  • Finance upgrades covered including 3rd party
  • Nominal end of lease ownership fee
  • Accommodates new start to established businesses 
  • Accommodates payment upfront requirements*
  • Flexible business commissions and volume bonuses
  • Self Service documentation or LDF option
  • Online deal proposal system (PIVOT)
  • Partners payments made by faster payment
  • Dedicated account manager and support team
  • Monthly partnership reporting
  • No onerous customer details needed for proposals*
  • Joint branded documentation available*
  • Adobe eSign, manual & carbon documents available


*Pre-payment terms and branded documentation availability is subject to each partner and programme.   For incorporated businesses only the registered company name and transaction details are required, for non-incorporated businesses such as sole traders and partnerships significant business owner information is required on proposal.  LDF may require further customer information as necessary and credit acceptance rates and approval times are valid at the time of publication and may vary from time to time.